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July 31, 2011, 10:01 pm
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Found these questions and answers online and for the most part the info is years old, but some great insight into Megan’s mind and how she thinks.

I’m contemplating getting a sleeve done, but Im concerned with losing so much real estate. What do you suggest?

Hmm I guess that really depends why you are concerned about loosing so much real estate? Getting a sleeve is kind of the point of that haha, are you concerned with regretting the decision? Or unsure of the best way to go about it?

What are your fav foods and how do you stay in such awesome shape?!? 😀

Umm my fav foods are always changing haha but right now I would say they are Boca spicy chicken patties, Pizza, Guacaomle, anything thats spicy mexican food, and pepper jack cheese. I eat wayyy too much cheese haha which is not that healthy :/ but I do think being a vegetarian has something to do with me staying in shape. Recently I’ve started working out in the mornings so I’m hoping that helps as well 🙂

I’m seventeen and dream is to become a tattoo artist. Any advice?

Well when learning it is def super important to make sure you get a proper tattoo apprenticeship and not try and teach yourself, I answered a question on here a lil while ago about advice on apprenticeships (Any advice for those looking for apprenticeships? by Dpresk01) you can check out. Other then that just make sure you really keep up on your drawing/artwork, take some art classes, practice a lot. The better you are at drawing the easier you will be able to pick up tattooing. Hope this helps

Do you like it when clients come in and let you do whatever you would like to do?

Sure, the more artistic freedom the better. I mean it always helps if the customer has some sort of idea on subject matter, but I like being able to pretty much design everything as I see fit, more fun that way 🙂

How often do you drink alcohol and do you think you could give it up?

I drink a few times a week in the evenings, mostly wine, it helps keep me sane hahaha. I do occasionally frequent a bar on the weekends, usually stick with a vodka cranberry. I think I could give it up if I had a legitimate reason too such as a health reason or something serious, but for the hell of it? nope haha.

Whats currently on your ipod/play list? 🙂

umm its a little hard to list whats all on my ipod cuz I have around 600 bands on there haha, but the past couple weeks I’ve been listening too a lot of Alkaline Trio, Tegan and Sara, Blitzkid, The Smiths, Morrissey, Bayside and Rob Zombie. Always looking to check out new music if

did kat von d ever influence you to be a tattoo artist also, be honest here now.

Nope, I started tattooing about a year and a half before that tv show Miami Ink came out, or knew who she was. To be honest no tattoo artist really influenced me to become one, when I started I really knew nothing of the industry, or other tattoo artists. I just purely wanted to learn a new art form.

What percentage of your guy clients try to date you or hook up with you?

To be honest not very many haha. I think I could count on one hand the amount of clients that have ever asked me on a date, I feel like most of the guys I tattoo have girlfriends, and I’m usually tattooing them as well hahaha.

if you are allergic to metal are you still able to get tattoo’s?

I guess that depends on what kind of metal? Its seems many people have a common allergy to nickel, which can be found in red tattoo inks. Depending on your level of allergy you can have a reaction from the red ink, whether it be a minor skin rash, to your body actually rejecting the ink and “pushing” it out, to something much more severe. I am no doctor so I feel I can’t really give you exact advice, but from my experience that’s the only common reaction to metal in tattoos I’ve encountered. Most of the time the reaction is minor, and just results in a minor rash that goes away after a few months. A way I have found to test out whether you are allergic to nickel or not is by going out to a dept store or somewhere that sells cheaper costume jewelry, as it is usually coated in nickel, and buy a ring and wear it for a few days. Usually if you are allergic to nickel it will turn your skin a slight greenish-blackish color, which will then go away once you stop wearing the ring. Also, in my experience even if you have a reaction to red, it doesn’t seem to carry over into other ink colors containing red, such as pink, purple, and orange. I hope this was somewhat helpful 🙂

Megan. would you wear a color to support a medical orginization for a month for support?

Hmmmmm thats a tough one haha, seeing as my wardrobe consists entirely of black clothing hahaha. I sooometimes wear a tiny bit of color, usually purple… So I guess it comes down too what the color is and what kind of organization?? hahaha

Any advice for those looking for apprenticeships?

Make sure you do your research and find a really competent shop/artist that is very professional. Also having an extensive art portfolio that show cases your skills in different mediums can help you greatly, the more impressed an artist is with your potential the more likely you will get the apprenticeship. Really go out of your way to show your devotion to the craft, an artist wants to apprentice someone who will be fully dedicated, not someone who just thinks it sounds “fun” or people looking to tattoo on a “part time” level. Hope that helps some 😉

I’m a type 1 diabetic. It seems to take forever for me to heal. Do you have experience with that? Are there ways around it regarding going under the needle? Or are my tattoo days over?

In the past I have tattooed diabetic patients before, they just needed it to be confirmed by their doctor as to whether they could be tattooed or not. As I am not a Dr. I feel I am not really qualified to give you any sound advice other then your Dr. knows best, give them a ring and see their thoughts on the matter 🙂

Is there ever a time or occasion that you wish you weren’t covered in tattoos? (i.e. a wedding)

Nope, I love my tattoos, I couldn’t imagine myself ever without them hahaha. I can only hope I have twice as many by the time I get married haha 😉

How much do you charge for a typical 5 hour session at a convention?! hope to make the UK convention if your there so i know how much cash to save!

I charge $100 an hr at conventions, so that would be $500 🙂

I have been waiting a long time to get my grandma’s portrait done on my inside forearm, and I know you’re a fantabulous tattoo artist 😀 How long is your waiting list, and do you specialize in portraits?

haha thanks 🙂 It is at about 4 months right now, and I do not “specialize” in portraits, but I am fully capable 😉

On the same kinda topic as the previous question, do you still use Xbox Live?! Added you a while ago but it says it’s still pending lol

I have an account but am literally never on it because I don’t have internet hooked up at my house hahaha. BUTTT I do plan on getting on that one of these days haha, and when that day finally comes if anyone is interested my xbox live name is “Very BlackMetal”

You used to have on your myspace that you played WoW, do you still play? And whats your characters name?

I unfortunately do not play anymore 🙁 I had to make the tough life decision between having a career and playing WoW hahaha, and trust me it wasnt an easy one. I hope to one day be able to start playing again “casually” but I somehow see that as being an impossibility haha.


How long have you been tattooing for now? =)

I’ve been tattooing a little over 6 years now 🙂

I know the law says people can’t tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in certain states. But if the child had parental permission, would you?

The law in Philadelphia is that a child 16 and over can legally be tattooed with parental/legal guardian consent. As long as the law states its ok, and all the appropriate paper work is provided, I have no problem with it. In other states however I know the laws vary. I would abide by the laws of whatever state I was in, I would never put my career at risk.

you are an amazing artist! plus you are super fly. what’s it like to be a super hottt tattoo artist?

Hahaha thank you <3. It’s not as exciting as you may think, I spend most of my time working, and when I’m not working I’m usually spending my free time painting or playing video games, I’m more of

do you feel that being a female artist ( a very attractive one at that) has helped you progress in anyway? within both the convention circuit and the industry itself? not a sexist question, just food for thought. yer shits sick, specially that cupcake.

Aww thank you 😉
Well I would definitely say being a female has impacted my career in both positive and negative aspects. Seeing as this industry is male dominated, being female sets me apart from the majority and makes me unique in a way. Its definitely helped in marketing myself. I feel though at times me being a female, along with being a model, has caused some people to feel as though I have an unfair advantage, or not take me seriously. All I can really say to that is that regardless of my gender, how I look, or how I market myself, I feel as though my work speaks for itself.

Are you planning on being at any conventions or anything in southern california any time soon? I would love to get a tattoo done by you but philly is a bit too far for my budget to take me at the moment unfortunately…

I am planning on working the Ink-N-Iron tattoo fest aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. It runs from June 11th-13th, you can check out more info on it at If you would like to get on my list for that convention just give my shop a ring! 🙂

why is that every time your in richmond or i go to killadelphia your either gone or gone or shes out early for the day??? i even called to try and set something up on the 27th or 28th of this month and got an uhhhhhh she will have to call you back

The only time I am in the shop is when I have appointments. The best way to set something up with me is to call the shop, leave your information with the receptionist to be put on my waiting list, and I will get in touch with you when I come to your name on the list. I only book out a month at a time and have about a 4 month waiting list at this point. If you are looking to book for a convention, such as Richmond, please let the receptionist know that when you call. I hope this helps clear up any confusion you may have about setting up an appt with me. If your looking to stop in the shop to talk to me, call ahead of time to make sure when I will be in.

If it weren’t for tattooing, what do you think you would be doing with your life career wise?

Hmmm there’s sooo many things I would like to do that is way too much for one life time haha. If I had to pick one I think it would be a career in fashion, probably have my own clothing line, and it would probably be mostly jackets, because I am obsessed with them haha.

who would be the most famous person you would like to tattoo?

Umm right now I would have to say Jared Leto, that man is gorgeous!!

I see you say you might be coming to a convention in the UK…fingers crossed on that! anyways, how long do you you usually tattoo for at conventions and whats the best way to get a tattoo off you at a convention?!

Yes, I do really hope that convention works out 🙂 I usually only book one appt a day, and I try and book appts for conventions in advance. Your best bet is to call my shop and get put on my list, make sure to mention which convention you were planning on coming too, then when I book the show I will give you a ring 🙂

Do you like pokemon?

I was just talking about this the other day haha, I never really got into them, I feel like in my youth I totally somehow missed out on the pokemon band wagon? where was I??? hahaha

What’s the story behind the grate tattoo at your back???

At this point its still an in progress full back piece, being done by Paul Acker. When its finished it will portray the virgin Mary from bust up, her in a hooded red cloak with an anatomical sacred heart on her chest, and her hands blessing. Its being done in a much darker style, and may even be somewhat zombieish under her cloak, we haven’t completely decided on all the details yet. I’m not one to always have to have some super deep meaning to my tattoos, not saying I don’t appreciate when they do, but for me its more just appreciation of the artwork itself. I’ve always been a big fan of religious artwork, especially with the virgin Mary. I wanted her portrayed in a darker light simply because I prefer darker themes. I guess if you want to get down to some meaning though, I was brought up Roman Catholic so she had always played a role in my youth. Me and her share the same birthday so I had used her as my saint for my confirmation name. I guess you could say the decay and darkness in her symbolizes the dissolution of religion throughout my life. So needless to say this is NOT a religious tattoo, for I am NOT religious in any sense of the word. I simply appreciate the symbolism.

What is the longest you have ever been tattoo’ed in one sitting?

I would say about 8 hrs, that was when I was getting the face on my upper back done at the Richmond convention 2 yrs ago. I was delirious the last hour, I’m pretty sure I was humming songs, laughing and crying all at the same time hahaha.

do you play farmville? Add me as a neighbor please

I’m sorry I do not, I’m more of an RPGer myself 😉

How fast is your detail work?

I guess that really depends on the amount of detail? haha. I would say im relatively quick, but of


Meg, i’ve been interested in tattoos and tattoo designing since i was about 6…and i was wondering how you got started with your career. i am going to be a Freshman in high school next year, and i was wondering if you could point me in the right way.

Well the best way to go about learning to tattoo is by getting a tattoo apprenticship in a professional tattoo studio. It is really important to do ur homework and find a good quality shop with a very professional and artistically nurturing environment. This is something you will prob have to wait till your 18 to do, so in the meantime you should take every opportunity to enhance your artistic skills. Take a bunch of art classes in school and draw in your free time. The better your drawing skills, the easier tattooing will be to pick up 🙂

Do you do autographs for fans?

of course!! 🙂

so i saw you’re going to be at the electric city tattoo convention in march. i was wondering how much you would charge for a skeleton key behind the ear?

Yes I will be attending that convention 🙂 It’s to hard to do estimates online because I dont know how big or how intricate the design will be :/ but if you are interested in setting up an appt to get tattooed at the convention give me a ring at the shop!!

So your booked next weekend? ill do all the bs work the trace paper and everything else. save you some time. I refuse to get any more work done here till i get one from you.

If you are asking if I’m booked up at the Motor City Expo next weekend I do still have some time open, If your interested in getting work done give my shop a ring 215-332-4803

have you ever punched someone in the throat?

How do you think I got my name?? Punchin throats. All day.

Will you be returning to the Motor City Tattoo con? Hope so! xoxo

Indeed I will 😉 will I see you there?? 😀

I know its kinda far off but are you returning to screamfest this year?

It is not 100% positive yet, but I am planning on attending it again, yes.

Do you charge by the hour, how much if you do?

Yes I do, and the shop rate is $150 an hour.

For your tattooing… How long is your waiting list usually?

Right now its out to about a 4 month wait. Just call my shop to be put on the list! 215-332-4803 🙂

Why didn’t you send me some business cards after I sent you chocolate covered oreos?

because I am a procrastinator and am NEVER anywhere near a post office haha, one day.. I swear 😉 btw those oreos were delicious, they are easily one of my most favorite things EVER!!

I wanna chat you up about some scifi ink i am interested in, you come highly recommended via @run_rabbit_run on twitter, i follow you too, ericofthedead. can i get ahold of you via email? i don’t have myspace anymore.

sure thing 🙂 just email me here to talk tattoos:

When did you get your first tattoo? And which one was it?

It was when I was 18, and not until after I had already been tattooing for 6 months. My boss told me customers were scared to get tattooed by me because at the time I looked like I was 14 and had no tattoos of my own haha. SO he made me pick out something right on the spot. It ended up being a picture of an anime cheetah girl on my leg haha, its cute but definetly something I would go back and change if I could. I feel like having tattoos you regret is just a staple of being tattoo artist hahaha.

Can I get my picture taken with you when you come to the motor city tattoo convention to add to my collage that is on my wall?

of course!! 🙂

Why don’t you post more of your work online to showcase your talents?

I have seriously been slacking on updating my portfolio lately, mostly because my camera broke, and partially from procrastination. I’m working on both of those things at the moment 😉

Do you let underaged people into your shop to look around or to make future appointments. Why I ask is because I’m 15 and adore tattoos with all my heart and would love a first hand look at amazing artist do what they do best

You are welcome to come into the shop and take a look around 🙂 As for making appts, the law states you need to be at least 16 yrs old with parent/legal guardian consent to get tattooed. I could put you on my waiting list till then if you like 😉

How long was the longest you ever tattoo’d in one sitting?

I would say about 9hrs. I usually like to try and keep it to a max of 5hr sittings though, anything over that can be a little exhausting haha


How much do you charge for a typical 5 hour session at a convention?! hope to make the UK convention if your there so i know how much cash to save!

I charge $100 an hr at conventions, so that would be $500 🙂

I have been waiting a long time to get my grandma’s portrait done on my inside forearm, and I know you’re a fantabulous tattoo artist 😀 How long is your waiting list, and do you specialize in portraits?

haha thanks 🙂 It is at about 4 months right now, and I do not “specialize” in portraits, but I am fully capable 😉

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